Printer Friendly 2015 Class Schedule

Education Programs

Pre-purchase Seminars - for first-time home-buyers

HCI is an approved provider of first-time home-buyer education to satisfy the requirements for the following programs:

The First-time Home-buyer seminars are 3 hours long and are taught by experienced Realtors, Loan Officers and Settlement Attorneys.  Click here to Register for Next FTHB Seminar.  The seminar covers:

  • Getting Ready - financial fitness for homeownership

  • Obtaining Financing - the loan application process

  • Selecting the Home, Contracting for Sale, Due Diligence

  • Getting to the Settlement Table and beyond

Important points to remember for First Time Home Buyers

  • Keeping Records - Important Documents

  • Property Tax and other tax considerations

  • Understanding the Mortgage, Re-financing

  • Common Ownership (Condo/HOA) Issues

  • Household Budgeting, Avoiding Foreclosure

  • Maintenance & Repairs

  • Managing Risk - Insurance

  • When it's time to Sell

MPDU Orientation Sessions

HCI conducts the MPDU Orientation Sessions on behalf of the Montgomery County DHCA.  Visit the Schedule and Online Registration on the Montgomery County web site.